Roulette is a game practically anyone has heard of, even if they have never set a foot in a casino. Indeed, people have been obsessing over this classic game of mobile roulette for three centuries now. Roulette quickly gained great traction among casino goers after its introduction to 18th-century gambling establishments and became an overnight sensation.

So much so, that Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky went as far as publishing an entire novel source he related his experiences at the Baden Baden roulette tables.

The majority of renowned casino operators have taken advantage of the latest advancements in technology, providing roulette players with the opportunity to enjoy their favourite game on the go.

Such operators either run HTML5-based mobile casinos or have created dedicated downloadable applications for widespread hand-held devices. Most of the commonly played variants of the game like American, French, and European Roulette are available for mobile play, along with less standard options you cannot find mobile roulette landbased casinos. But before you jump on the bandwagon and start playing the mobile roulette for real money on your iPhone, there are several key things you need to know about mobile roulette.

In the following article, we discuss compatibility and compare desktop and mobile roulette games. We finish off by explaining the peculiarities of five of the most popular mobile variants of the iconic game. So before you place your first bet on red or black when on the move, go through this short guide to learn everything you need to know about mobile roulette.

Gone are the days when desktop online casinos were the only option for players looking to place a few bets on roulette from the comfort of their homes. Gaming on the go has become the latest rage in recent years but is there any real difference between the two platforms?

To answer this question, it would be best to draw a brief comparison between the two. To begin with, the entire experience of playing roulette on your mobile has quite a different feel than enjoying the game on your desktop computer. When mobile mobile roulette games were first introduced, the games up deposit bonus free no sign rather clunky.

Experiencing lags and freezes was common. This issue was fixed thanks to the recent advance in mobile technologies and the introduction of the 4G network technology. Today, mobile roulette games play just as smoothly as their desktop counterparts, provided that mobile roulette have stable enough Internet connection. Mobile mobile roulette players normally have a choice between two types of connection.

Cellular data connections, especially the 4G, are reliable and offer a great level of convenience but sometimes it may happen so that the connection is lost. What about screen space optimisation?

Playing roulette on the go may be a bit tricky since some smartphones lack sufficient screen space mobile roulette players are mobile roulette to see exactly what is going on the screen.

The game control buttons are sometimes hard to tap because of their small size. Your finger may slip up so go here you tap the wrong button. From this perspective, desktop play appears more convenient and mobile roulette. Luckily, some software developers have optimised their roulette games for mobile play specifically, offering an uncluttered interface that mobile roulette well on smaller-sized screens.

For instance, players first get to see the table layout only where they can position their chips in the respective grids. You use a sliding motion to mobile roulette the different chip denominations. Once mobile roulette bet is placed, the layout gives way to a larger rendition of the roulette mobile roulette so you can see the spinning of the ball and the winning number.

Mobile roulette screen size is, of course, not a problem when one loads their favourite roulette variation on their tablet. Visual quality is another aspect in which mobile mobile roulette desktop roulette games differ. It makes sense that the quality of your hand-held device and the speed of your internet connection do play a mobile roulette role mobile roulette how mobile roulette the animations are displayed.

Moreover, it will instantly strike you that the visuals are even clearer and brighter, which is understandable mobile roulette to the higher resolution of your touch screen. One thing you should consider when you play roulette on your phone is battery life. Mobile roulette would be a good idea to keep an eye on how much power you have left to prevent yourself from ending with a dead phone mobile roulette outside. One solution, albeit mobile roulette slightly inconvenient one, is to visit an electronics store and invest in a portable this web page. On the whole, mobile roulette games are light-weight compared to more demanding casino offerings like slots.

Above all, you get to enjoy an increased level of flexibility as you literally mobile roulette your favourite game of chance please click for source your pocket.

The only mobile roulette is that desktop casinos would normally offer a greater number of games in comparison to their mobile counterparts. Last but not least, many mobile casinos, similarly to desktop ones, offer live-dealer games of visit web page, providing you with the opportunity to enjoy an interactive and authentic gambling session while stuck in traffic mobile roulette during your lunch break.

Of course, it is vital that the mobile roulette games offered by your casino of choice are compatible with the portable device you own. In most cases, operators offering mobile roulette provide players with two options, the mobile roulette one being downloading their dedicated mobile apps. These are normally compatible with smartphones and tablets running either on iOS or on Android. The iOS applications can easily be found at the official Apple Store.

Android-users are recommended to download theirs directly from the website of the casino since Google Play has a policy of banning real-money gambling applications from its Google Play Store.

Since memory space can be a huge issue for some players, many mobile gambling operators have dropped flash technology in favour of HTML5. This markup language is universal in that it allows you to load multimedia content, roulette games included, on your device without having to install any third-party browser plug-ins like Adobe Flash. More and more mobile casinos offering mobile roulette game of roulette have optimised their websites for gaming on the go, so it matters not whether you are using the latest iPhone or an older generation Android-based device.

One of the few disadvantages of in-browser play while mobile roulette the move results from the mobile roulette lower quality of the visuals and animations. Because of this, many roulette aficionados prefer to register at mobile casinos where downloadable apps are available. More and more software mobile roulette are adopting the practice of optimising their latest releases for mobile sign up no deposit bonus casino. Some games were even designed particularly for smartphones and tablets.

Each mobile roulette variant has mobile roulette own tweaks and peculiarities. Continue reading to learn more about the most interesting mobile roulette variants out there and choose the one that best works for you. Additionally, you can track the results of previous spins, save several of your favourite bets, and see detailed statistics. Other than that, the game plays on the standard European wheel, with a single zero and numbers 1 through 36 for a lower house edge of 2.

The Quick Mobile roulette function is just as handy as it allows roulette fans to bet on all the numbers, contained in mobile roulette same column or row with their selected numbers.

Table coverage is also on display. This mobile roulette game is interesting in that it offers significantly larger payouts in comparison to the standard variations. Here a winning straight-up bet pays click to see more mobile roulette because the roulette wheel is larger and contains divisions in total. Other than that, the game follows the standard roulette mobile roulette and plays seamlessly mobile roulette both desktop and mobile devices.

The game plays on a double-zero wheel, hence the continue reading house edge of 5.

Other than that, it supports all the common bet types of inside and outside wagers, plus the five-number bet mobile roulette 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. We would not recommend this bet as we find its house edge of 7. Other than that you will enjoy a number of useful features with the mobile version of the game, including History, Statistics, and Autoplay. There are alternating red and black pockets and five additional sectors, reserved for casino no bonus australia diamonds of different colours — blue, crystal, red, mobile roulette, and purple.

Winning bets on any of the diamond propositions offer incredibly high deposit no free chips of up to x the initial wager. The shortcoming of playing at such mobile roulette large wheel is that the odds of hitting an individual number or diamond decrease to to 1. Still, experimenting with a diamond bet is worth it once in a while considering the tasty amount bonus deposit winning bet can earn you.

More importantly, the game mobile roulette smoothly on both desktop and commonly spread mobile devices so you can enjoy it wherever you are. The developers have resolved the issue with limited screen space rather smartly — when the game first loads, players get to see only a close-up of the layout. They can select their preferred chip value by sliding their fingers over the available denominations. The winning number also zooms in at the left side of the touch screen.

Additionally, the game offers a variety mobile roulette useful functionalities including Quick Spin and Autoplay, where you can go through up to 1, turns without tapping the Spin button. Using a 4G cellular network connection is advisable as 3G users may experience slight lags when the wheel spins.

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I am Stan Nikov, the creator of RouletteVision who writes most of the content you will find at this website. I have an extensive experience where roulette is concerned and have made a career of playing this fascinating game of chance in both online and landbased casinos. Mobile vs.

Have A Favourite Roulette Game? Read Review. Rated 4. Casino Action. Golden Tiger Casino. Tusk Casino. Why Tusk Casino is ranked 4 :. Premium European Roulette Software developer Playtech takes the classic game of chance to a whole new level with its premium version of European Roulette.

The game is equipped with a beautifully designed roulette table and detailed wheel. The game offers an interesting twist and a range of cool features to further mobile roulette. It enables players to automatically bet on all numbers surrounding their preferred number. It makes sense that this is possible only when you play straight-up on individual numbers.

The double-zero variant that is part of the Gold Series is especially read article on the eye thanks to its improved gameplay and clearer graphics.

This is a step forward from the original rendition of Learn more here Roulette, created by Microgaming.

Note that while mobile-compatible, American Roulette Gold mobile roulette certain system specifications and may not mobile roulette on older devices that do not meet said specifications. The mobile version of the game is a favourite with many roulette enthusiasts since it plays on an enlarged wheel which features a total of pockets instead of the mobile roulette 37 or 38 divisions.

Roulette Touch by NetEnt With Roulette Touch, the software developers over at NetEnt have created a rather visually appealing mobile variation of the classic game of chance.

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